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Senior stylist/Manager

Meet Jade, with a love for learning  jade is continually seeking out new techniques and trends to bring to her clients experience and hair to the next level. Whether you're looking for a subtle highlights or a bold new look Jade's got the skills to make it happen.

Jade is on leave from 9/6/24 to 30/9/24

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3rd Year Apprentice/Youngstar 

Meet Ava, who is on the cusp of mastering her craft! With a thirst for knowledge and a passion for perfection, Ava is always eager to learn new skills in the world of hairdressing. As she nears the end of her apprenticeship, With each day Ava brings fresh enthusiasm and creativity to the salon floor, honing her talents and delighting clients with her evolving skill set. 

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2nd Year Apprentice/Youngstar

Meet Sandi, a rising star in the world of hairdressing, currently expanding her skills as an apprentice on her journey to becoming a senior stylist.  Sandi's dedication to learning shines through in every client interaction, as she strives to exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression. 

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2nd Year Apprentice/Youngstar

Meet Annika, the rising star in the hair world! She's currently in the thick of her apprenticeship, soaking up every bit of knowledge to become a top-notch senior hairdresser. With loads of enthusiasm and a knack for learning, she's mastering the art of cutting, colouring, and styling one day at a time. 

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Meet Emily, a fresh face in the hair game! She's just started her journey in hairdressing, eager to soak up all the knowledge and skills this exciting field has to offer. With a mix of curiosity and enthusiasm, Emily dives into each day, ready to learn the ropes of cutting, colouring, and styling.

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